Kampot pie and ice cream palace
Welcome to Kampot pie and ice cream palace


  • At the Kampot Pie and Icecream Palace
  • Her name is Mary,Its not Alice
  • If a real good coffee is what you need
  • Her Bon Cafe Is a special breed

  • If you are looking for something sweet
  • Her pastries are a special treat
  • If you are looking for something good to try
  • Have a piece of her curried chicken pie

  • She has chocolate and carrot cake
  • Just a few of the things she likes to bake
  • She has brownies and banana cream pie
  • If you see them you will want to try

  • And if you are hungry at breakfast time
  • The breakfast,s there are mighty fine.
  • So with motercycle,s and rooms to rent.
  • Her little place is heaven sent

  • Its a real good place with a friendly staff
  • And the people there will make you laugh
  • So if you are in Kampot with time to spare
  • Go to the Kampot Palace and meet me there

About Us

Kampot Pie & Ice Cream Palace is now under new ownership, Les and Mary are now the new owners. Mary is a local Cambodian and Les is from Canada.

Still more a homestay than a guesthouse, offering aircon rooms for rent, en suite bathroom with tv, free wifi.

The restaurant on the lower level produces the best pastries in town: Cheese cakes, lemon meringue, keylime pie, apple cinamon and really good meat pies. Cookies, cakes, bread,brownies and a multitude of other tasty treats. We make our own icecream, sundays and icecream pies. We make excellent breakfast serving bacon or sausages, hash brown potatoes, tomatoes, beans, home made bread and a glass of orange juice. Mary has been to school in Phnom Penh to study making specialty coffees: Expresso, Latte, Capucino...etc

If you want to try some tasty food, drop by and say hello to Les & Mary.


A bell is not a bell till you ring it...
A song is not a song till you sing it...
And love in your heart is not put there to stay,
Love is not love till you give it away.


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